cupcake fundraiser

Due to such an overwhelming amount of weekly requests, Sweethearts offers a fundraising option as a means of giving back to our community. So if you're looking to earn money for those many needed purchases (i.e. equipment upgrades or the new uniforms that you’ve been eyeing up) our fundraiser is perfect for you!

step no 1.

we chat

The name of your organization, contact person name, phone #, order turn in and order due dates are all we need to get you started. We'll provide you with the necessary forms and you'll be on your way. But don't worry, we want to make sure things run as smooth as possible, so we’ll be here every step of the way if you need us.

step no. 2

we sell

It's your time to shine! Send your members out to take orders. Don’t forget your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and babysitter. Then using the tally form provided to you, send us your order on the agreed upon turn in date.

step no. 3

we deliver

Now, it's our turn. We take it from here to bake, frost, package and label the boxes by each customers order for super easy distribution on your pre-scheduled pick-up day. 

Now, as is true with any fundraiser, a little bit of time and advertising to get the word out are key to success. Be sure to post on social media, send out emails, hang flyers, and anything else you can think of. If your fundraiser is being held close to a holiday, be sure to include that in your marketing (i.e. Surprise your Valentine with a Treat from Sweethearts and Help Support the School Fundraiser). 

Have questions? Ready to get your fundraiser started? Contact us today!